Types of Restaurants, Part 2

We all love food; it may be the one true connecting thread across humanity. But some of us really love food, us here at Affordable Kitchen Supplies included. That is why we sell high quality, affordable commercial appliances and supplies across Colorado. We love trying all the tasty dishes the amazing chefs around here can…read more

Types of Restaurants, Part 1

Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we are big fans of food. That is why we offer restaurant supplies and commercial appliances in Colorado at an affordable price! But there are a lot of types of food out there to try, even just in America (we are the melting pot, after all). Restaurants and food type…read more

The History of Refrigeration

Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we revel in all of the new cooking technology available to us in the modern era. However, for most of history, that technology did not exist. People had to do without stoves, ovens, and even refrigerators. Here is a quick history of how the refrigerator came to be. We hope…read more

Deep Frying: History and Overview

  As we’ve mentioned before, and surely will again, we are big foodies here at Affordable Kitchen Supply. That is why we take so much pride as Colorado Restaurant Suppliers. We love eating what our chefs are cooking. There’s a big wide world of food out there to explore, and all kinds of methods for…read more

A History Of Pizza

Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we are proud to provide restaurant supplies in Colorado and the surrounding areas. We know how much work goes into running a restaurant, and since we’re big foodies, we want to supply chefs with the best equipment possible at an affordable price. One of our favorite, most customizable dishes is…read more

How Freezers Work

Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we are dedicated to providing only the best quality commercial appliances in Colorado at a great price. In order to do that, we have had to learn a lot about commercial kitchen equipment over the years. We know how hard restaurant employees work, and the truth is that their machinery…read more

A History of Grilling In America

Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we provide top quality commercial appliances in Colorado at a great price. We are big foodies here, and are proud to do our part to help up and coming chefs and restaurant owners create the perfect dishes for their clients. Keeping a restaurant supply stock is important, but the talent…read more

Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves

Nobody knows the sheer amount of work that goes into running a restaurant better than those who work there. Because we here at Affordable Kitchen Supply absolutely love trying your dishes, we would like to do everything that we can to make the job a little bit easier. We do that by providing the best…read more

ATOSA Commercial Restaurant Equipment

We consider ourselves foodies here at Affordable Kitchen Supply. One of our favorite things in the world is to go around tasting all the great dishes professional chefs have to offer. Nobody appreciates the hard work that goes into a deliciously prepared dish more than us. That’s why we have made it our goal to…read more

Top vs Bottom Mount Refrigerators

If you’re in the food industry, you know that your equipment matters. That applies to everything from the knives chefs use to the refrigerators keeping food cold. Here at Affordable Kitchen Supply, we have years in the Colorado commercial restaurant appliance industry. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what features are sought after…read more