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When your kitchen staff or catering team is dealing with a rush, it can feel like chaos in the kitchen. Everyone is running around trying not to knock anyone else over, and in the midst of all of this chaos, it’s all too easy for the flow of work to be derailed by someone dropping something or getting hurt. But what if you could cut down on all of that chaos? At Affordable Kitchen Supply, we believe that our Atosa chef bases can do just that.

With our chef bases, you can cut way down on your trips back and forth to your commercial refrigerator or freezer. Our chef base refrigerators are incredibly versatile. Whether you want to roll it under your prep table so that your sous-chef has easy access to all of the ingredients they need, or you want to place your cooking equipment on top of it to save space in your kitchen, you’ll love our chef bases with refrigerator drawers.

Not only do our chef bases help to save space and cut down chaos in commercial kitchens all across Colorado, you can also rest assured that they are high quality because they are all manufactured by Atosa. When it comes to commercial appliances, there’s no name we trust more than Atosa, and once you try our Atosa appliances for yourself, you’ll see why we have chosen to provide you with commercial appliances exclusively from Atosa. Shop our Atosa chef bases today, and please contact us if you need assistance with finding the right one for your needs!