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Commercial fryers are essential for creating some of the most popular dishes in all of Colorado, and that’s why no commercial kitchen should be without one. Whether you run a restaurant, catering company or hotel kitchen, you need a high-quality fryer on your side. At Affordable Kitchen Supply, we have the commercial gas fryers you need, and you are going to love our affordable prices.

When it comes to gas fryers, the last thing that you want to do is sacrifice quality for affordability. At Affordable Kitchen Supply, our goal is to help every commercial kitchen in Colorado to get the quality restaurant equipment they deserve, no matter their budget. That’s why, not only are our commercial fryers high quality, they are also affordable.

There’s no better name in the commercial appliance manufacturing industry than Atosa. Each and every Atosa fryer we offer is efficient and reliable, not to mention economical. We offer a range of gas fryers, from 40 lb capacity fryers to 75 lb capacity gas fryers, and each and every one is made by none other than Atosa.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the crispy, savory experience of biting into something that has been deep fried, which is why a fryer is a must in every commercial kitchen in Colorado. Don’t settle on just any commercial fryer. Get the most for your money by shopping the Atosa commercial fryers at Affordable Kitchen Supply. Shop our commercial gas fryers today to take advantage of our free Colorado shipping!