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Whether you own a fast food restaurant or the fanciest, five-star restaurant in Denver, you need kitchen gloves. Every restaurant, regardless of what they offer on their menu or who their clientele may be, has to comply with all food safety regulations. Wearing gloves keeps your customers safe and protects your company from lawsuits. At Affordable Kitchen Supply, our owners have over 40 years of combined experience as restaurant owners and operators, so we understand how important having high-quality kitchen gloves is.

When you want nitrile gloves in Colorado, you want Affordable Kitchen Supply. Our heavy duty nitrile gloves come in either blue or black, and we offer three sizes: medium, large and extra large. Each option comes in a case of 1,000, with 10 dispenser boxes of 100 gloves. These gloves are durable, easy to get on and take off, comfortable and reliable, making the perfect for use in the foodservice industry.

Regardless of what kind of business you own, whether it be a food truck, catering company or five-star restaurant, you cannot stay in business if you don’t comply with regulations. Ready-to-eat food cannot come in contact with bare hands, and the easiest way to comply with this regulation is with commercial kitchen gloves.

Stay in compliance, protect your assets and ensure safety for your customers by shopping Affordable Kitchen Supply for the nitrile gloves you need. We offer competitive prices and high-quality black or blue nitrile gloves, not to mention free shipping in Colorado. Shop with us today!