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Food prep is the most important task in every commercial kitchen. How you prep the food determines everything from how safe it is to eat to how delicious it will taste. Because food prep is such an essential task in your commercial kitchen, you need a sanitary, organized place where you can get the job done, and there’s no better option than the Atosa food prep tables from Affordable Kitchen Supply.

At Affordable Kitchen Supply, we offer a variety of food prep tables to choose from, and here, you will find our one-of-a-kind Mega Top sandwich prep tables. These sandwich stations are available in a variety of sizes, from 27 inches all the way to 72 inches. Each option features a reach-in refrigerator so that it’s easy and convenient to grab the supplies you need to make the ultimate sandwich. With an Atosa food prep table, you’ll never have to worry about running back and forth from your commercial refrigerator ever again! They also feature an additional row of pans on top of each units, giving you even more room for storage and eliminating even more back and forth in the kitchen.

Whether you own a small sandwich shop or a sit-down, gourmet restaurant in Colorado, food prep is an essential task that can set the tone for the entire kitchen. With the right food prep table, you can cut down on the traffic in your kitchen and improve the efficiency of your team. Shop with us at Affordable Kitchen Supply today to find the right food prep table for your needs.

These units feature an extra row of pans on top for more product variety and storage